The Blessed Mother and Mother’s Day

About three months ago, I recommended a book by Brant Pitre called Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary. The book I find to be a critical piece of the Christian life because it clearly demonstrates that Mary’s role wasn’t something just made up thing out of thin air. The historical roots prior to the dawn of Christianity demonstrate that her role was to keep the faithful focused on Jesus. It was keep the faithful focused on holiness. And there is no greater mentor in the Christian walk than Jesus’ mother.

Many Christians unfortunately want to downplay her role because they believe it replaces the role of Jesus. Let’s look at some critical scriptures. We must first return to our Jewish roots and look at a lady who was a prefigurement of the Blessed Mother – Bathsheba. In Ancient Judah, there were key offices in its kingdom. One of them was called the gebirah (queen mother). The queen mother was the closest advisor to the king and presented requests on behalf of others within the kingdom. In 1 Kings 2:19, Adonijah asks Bathsheba to ask King Solomon for the hand in marriage to Abishag. King Solomon was a prefigurement of the King of Kings Jesus Christ. Obviously, it does not guarantee the request will be granted. However, it does show those of the kingdom (in our case the eternal kingdom), being in constant contact and communication with the king through Mary’s help. Mary is the New and Eternal Gebirah. Imagine such a woman as she delivering those requests multiple days.

Imagine such a woman taking on the role of symbol of the Church, Mother of the Church, and spouse to Jesus as the New Eve. It is indeed a lot of work but she doesn’t see it as work. This is her call, and since she has been glorified through God, she does it with an unconditional love. Proverbs 31 describes a queen mother as well but not quite the magnitude of the Blessed Mother. Imagine such a woman as she as described in John 19:25 as being given over the Mother to the disciple Jesus loved. Who is that ? It’s you and me. John is very careful and purposeful with the words he uses. One example is in John 6, to drive home importance of consuming Jesus’ body he changes verbs for eat to something stronger like gnaw. Jesus didn’t just mean John would be the only one with access to Mary as his mother. There she stands giving you the shining example of staying close to the Cross. It pained her more than it pains us but she still did it.

Maybe and I speak to myself as well in this point, Mary serves as a reminder as well not to take for granted our earthly mother as well. Thus, Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Estelle Moore Walker and all mothers around the world, especially the Blessed Mother. May we always be faithful to constant prayer including the Rosary and take her soft hand to the Heart of Jesus.

Praised be to Jesus now and forever. Amen.

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