Our Lady, A Miracle, and the Corona Virus

This week, brothers and sisters, I simply share a story to inspire and re-invigorate the hope and the faith that quite possibly has been quenched with all the corona virus talk.

In the Middle Ages farmers’ crops were being ravaged by insects, allegedly aphids. Concerned that a bad crop would create massive starvation in the upcoming winter, they looked to Our Lady for solution to the problem. Soon another bug would arrive upon the crops and would begin to eat the aphids, saving the crops and in essence those in the community who would have starved. The bug was called “Our Lady’s Bug” but today you know them better as ladybugs.

Prayers to Our Lady are powerful because remember she is the current and “New Gebirah“. She is the gebirah (queen mother) who surpasses all queen mothers, for they are mere shadows compared to what she has done and what she is doing. There is no greater prayer than a mother’s prayer. Christ Our King listens to all prayers but especially those from his mother. Let us always keep in mind John 19:26-27 when Christ Our King gave her to us, for she was not merely speaking to John. That passage says He was speaking to “the disciple whom He loved”. That disciple is part of His Church.

With that in mind, why couldn’t a New Ladybug come and quash this corona virus ? Brothers and sisters it already has. This is not a depressing time !! Watch and believe !! This is a time of opportunity to get closer to her Son Christ Our King. How apparent that is when we simultaneously observe the season of Lent !! The New Ladybug is in the midst brothers and sisters. Stay in the fight ! Never sheath your sword ! Dominus vobiscum !

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