Examination of Faith: Are You A Galilean Sea or Dead Sea ?

At the dawn of Genesis, we witness the Spirit of God hovering over the waters. Water from the very beginning has been an integral element in the creation of new life, a part of a great renewal, a representation of a grand beginning. Such is so important to our faith that before a High Mass, the priest conducts the Aspereges Me. It is a recalling of our baptism , but even deeper it is a commitment to our baptismal promises.

In our baptismal promises, how well do we share the faith with others. Are you excited when you hear about a non-Catholic attending Mass ? Are you honing your weapons to be prepared for battle ? Honing your weapons would be such things as reading about your faith. How often do you listen to audios from theologians and priests who teach orthodox Catholicism? Do you take other opportunities outside of Sundays and other Holy Obligations to attend Mass ? How often do you go to confession ? Are you willing to answer questions about the faith from Catholics but also from non-Catholics ? Are you a wellspring or just an arid dessert ? If you are a wellspring, is it shut off or open and wide like God’s abundant love ? Are you a Galilean Sea or Dead Sea ?

The characteristic of the Galilean Sea is that it is an open sea. Ironically, it is the area where Christ Our King also started his ministry. He in essence was retrieving those ten lost tribes that were taken by the Assyrians in 722 BC (but that’s another story). They would later process toward Jerusalem gathering others in Christ’s procession and eventually approaching the point where the grand altar was located. The main point is just like that body of water was open so it was with those given the opportunity to follow Our Lord. Now let’s look at the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is a closed off body of water. It’s the source of a lot of minerals, but it’s still a closed body of water. It’s been said to be dangerous to dive in as well. So it has a lot of value but it is not open. Merchants do gather its minerals but they are gathered with effort. Perhaps we can even say with some force.

The Catholic Church is still a sleeping giant. We have been initiated with our baptism . God Our Father through this sacrament has brought us in the fold, but are we doing what we can to promote the faith ? Are some of us misrepresenting information about the faith or groups or are we getting the full side of the story ?

Ask yourself this question brothers and sisters: which sea are you ?

Dominus vobiscum

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