Christ the King Reigns vs. A Pastor’s Editorial

This morning I had an interesting discussion with a gentleman regarding a pastor he heard on the radio. He mentioned a question that was brought up which was “Who was the greatest king that ever reigned on earth ?”. I said Jesus Christ and he said this pastor mentioned Hezekiah based on 2 Kings 20. The chapter mentions King Hezekiah’s name being extended by fifteen years but frankly I believe that hardly makes him the greatest king that reigned on earth. I listened to the gentleman but with intense disagreement. I’ve had to learn and I’m still working on this: you never actually win an argument. Realistically, I think the question being asked is a trick question. Greatest king that reigned on earth ? Christ the King reigned, is reigning, and will reign forever more. Christ Incarnate conquered the Cross, but Christ the King reigns in the Eucharist (if not who was I adoring at Adoration this morning), for He is King of Heaven and Earth.

This gentleman is someone whom I consider a friend, who incidentally is an ex-Catholic who was poorly catechised. When listening to other pastors, it’s important to have that discerning ear. We have to be careful about simply accepting any information that comes out of any pastor’s mouth. This is in no way any disrespect to that pastor. However, we need to be sure our minds are conditioned with good theology. If you’re coming from the perspective of not understanding the Eucharist and thinking communion is only a symbol, you’re more likely to believe what this pastor said. The question is how do we help others understand this thinking. Study and share brothers and sisters we must do.

Let’s look at all the kings that reigned. None of them had a mother like the Blessed Mother, none of them came to bring salvation to the world, and so this is not even a contest. I get angry at people who say as long as you believe in God then it doesn’t matter what church you attend or where you worship. I think this incident this morning proves otherwise.

Dominus vobiscum

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