Catholics and Planned Parenthood: Stay Awake Against the Enemy

I recall growing up hearing on numerous occasions, “don’t make a mountain of out of molehill”. Obviously, such a statement means don’t make a bigger deal out of something than it really is. However, this is a battle we are always fighting and it seems on so many occasions we gain ground. The enemy on several occasions also though seems to gain ground. The fight is always worth it. However, I must admit I thought the fight should be a slam dunk. However, I then had to remember Satan unfortunately never quits trying to take souls away. That’s his way of getting back at God Our Father after Saint Michael kicked him and his foolish minions into hell.

There is an old saying which is “know your enemy”. The enemy uses anything and everything to win the fight. We should never however be troubled, but rather we must always stay sharp. It is not enough brothers and sisters to simply embrace someone, organizations, or an idea simply because it takes the Catholic label. You must always check the fruit on the tree. This year we have the presumptive Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden using the Catholic moniker. We have other “Catholic” cronies such as Nancy Pelosi, Tim Kaine, and others who sacrifice seemingly their faith for power. I’m not one to get caught up in parties but rather principles. People should not focus so much on whom they vote for as much as what they are voting for. No faithful Catholic can support the killing of the unborn. If he/she does, they cease the right to call themselves Catholic. And let us go down the historical rabbit hole of Planned Parenthood shall we ? You have an organization started by a racist and eugenicist named Margaret Sanger. Although I think the name is getting out more these days, she’s still virtually unknown in too few circles. This same woman also had ties to Nazis, who believed in the same practices. Such irony that this side calls the other side racists on so many occasions. Do you think it’s an accident that Planned Parenthood clinics are located in the inner cities where there are overwhelmingly high populations of blacks and hispanics ? Do you think it’s an accident that this organization supports a practice which is the greatest killer of blacks in this country. We’re talking by conservative estimates 800-1,000 black babies a day. Reportedly, since the 1970’s, it’s about 19 million just black babies that have died because of this practice.

Catholics DO NOT back pro-abortion candidates and racist policies. And if you’re going to, STOP telling people you’re Catholic because it’s not true. You see brothers and sisters the history and the facts are on our side. No doubt we have a several people who have infiltrated our Church with sinister agenda. Let’s not give these traitors any room to breathe. They simply must have the humility to open their ears and embrace the wisdom and the truth or suffer the backlash of faithful Catholics and then be humbled.

Dominus vobiscum

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