Book Review: Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary by Brant Pitre

May the Lord keep and protect you, brother and sisters. May your wisdom be manifested in the Lord.

One of the challenges we as American Catholics face (and I would dare to say many Catholics around the world) is understanding some of the passages rooted in Jewish thought and tradition. Catholic apologist and author Steven Ray gave the analogy of the Catholic Church being like a plant. The roots of that plant are Jewish and flowering is the Catholic Church. If that’s true, we have to learn how those Jewish roots, statements, and passages are connected. He did it sucessfully with Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist. Now he does it in a book called Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary.

One of things that Pitre does so well is organize deep well researched information and explain it to a lay audience. However, you walk away feeling like a top scholar on the topic of Mary. The book is well organized for a character so multi-faceted as Mary. There are pages of footnotes supporting Pitre’s claims if any reader wants to complete deeper research. The book frankly qualifies as a class on Mariology. If you ever had any doubts on defending the doctrine on Mary, you’ll never have doubts again. I’ve been studying my faith for over twenty years, and I’ve never heard of some of the ideas Pitre presents. He does a great job lacing the important information with his own personal experience, rather it be with Catholics, non-Catholics, or his students.

I highly recommend this book. In fact, get copies of it and pass it to you friends, parents, husband, boyfriends, and girlfriends (yep I think that might cover it).

May the Lord keep and protect you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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