Audio Recommendation: The Church and The Libertarian

Here’s an area that doesn’t get discussed in a lot of Catholic circles: the area of economics. The priest who was speaking was right some things, but some of his statements I don’t think are correct. First, there is a distinction between the Libertarian Party vs. a libertarian. Second, not all libertarians agree on the exact same thing. There are pro-life libertarians for instance because to be not pro-life violates the general rule of aggression. Murray Rothbard was definitely wrong on some things and so this priest speaking is correct in pointing out Rothbard’s erroneous position on issues such as parenting. In many other areas, Rothbard did a fantastic job pointing out areas of corruption not only in the general state but in specific industries like banking. Banking houses and elites have unfortunately a sordid history of hijacking the public. The priest here makes the claim that those of the Mises Institute take on a libertarianism in which capital is in the hands of the few. I’ve been tracking the Mises Institute for eight years and have never read about an economist or philosopher discussed on their site that had such a view. That’s not true libertarianism anyway. That idea is more of a pro-centralized attitude which libertarians have always opposed whether they were more like Murray Rothbard or more like a Andrew Napolitano.

I recommend this audio because it does cause you to think and debate the reconciliation of orthodox Catholic teaching with the proper views on economics. I also would encourage everyone to review the article attached that discusses the Late Spanish Scholastics associated with the School of Salamanca, reportedly the first official school to teach free market economics by Catholic theologians.

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