Audio Recommendation: Indifference Is the Sin of Our Age

I looked up today the definition of the word entertain. Here’s what it said:

to hold the attention of pleasantly or agreeably; divert; amuse

We live in a world today where people’s minds are indeed “held”. No one is against any time to recharge one’s batteries. That’s needed to come back more creative. It’s needed to get a fresh perspective on life. However, getting too much of it is no different than getting too much sugar. The fit athlete soon becomes a lackluster, lethargic competitor. Such men and women are not suited to fight the great fight Our Lord has called us to engage. The Israelites eventually were captured by the Assyrians in the northern kingdom of those ten tribes and the Babylonians captured the southern kingdom because they neglected who they were and did not pay attention and act upon what was really important. This corona virus situation if nothing else has called some of us to greater disciplines and worn down the attitude of indifference, since indifference is not a very healthy attitude at all. Men, it is not the fighting spirit of Saint Mercurius to be indifferent. Ladies, it is not the fighting spirit of Saint Catherine of Siena who cared enough to bring the pope back to Rome where he belonged. Enjoy the audio ladies and gentlemen. Dominus vobiscum.

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