Reflections on the Recent Election and the Battle of Lepanto

So the country is in a bit of chaos right now after Tuesday night’s fiasco. I cannot come up with a better term. There are some silver linings from this situation, and there are some thoughts that warrant reflection. It was reported that 62 % of all Catholics who voted in the election did vote for President Trump. That’s great ! Frankly, it needs to be 100 % but we’ll work on that one. I sometimes don’t like to admit it but unfortunately we are forced to and for our own good to remember that difficult situations are brought to a person or a people so that God Our Father can manifest his greater glory. I believe that is what is taking place here.

If we reflect on the Battle of Lepanto, it was a battle between Catholics and the Ottoman Muslims in which the Catholics were grossly outnumbered. However, in war, the battle is not merely a physical one, for there is always a spiritual side to it as well. Pope Pius V called all Catholics to pray the rosary fervently. When you have the Blessed Mother, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and God Our Father on your side, you can bring all the numbers you want, your chances just dramatically shrunk to zero. That’s why the Catholics won. God Our Father is always in control and victory was willed to Catholics on that day. This election chaos is no different. It doesn’t matter how it looks. What appears to God as chaos is a calm storm to him. Donald Trump shall be victorious. However, there is a bigger question that Catholics must ask themselves. What are we going to do once this election is over ?

As I mentioned earlier, we can get excited about 62 % of Catholics supporting the most pro-life president in U.S. history. Although I am grateful, why isn’t it 100 % ? Why should the enemy even have a fighting chance of getting any Catholic support ? What are we going to do about it ? Will we have the fiery spirit of a Father Altman ? Will we passionately exercise canon 212 and call out bad priests and bishops when their standard is too low ? Will we call them out when they force us to receive communion in the hand ? Will we call them out if they decide to limit Mass attendance ? Will we call them out when they want to construct a new sanctuary or church building that’s not truly holy because it’s a “church in the round” ? Donald Trump is a great leader, but Donald Trump can’t make us move. He can inspire us but he can’t make us pick up the sword and fight. That is ours. Dominus vobiscum.

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