Do You Really Believe ?

This is not a new topic. It’s been raised several times. The discourse of do you really believe all that the Catholic Church teaches. Are you a Catholic as result of mere circumstance or are you a Catholic because this is the faith for which you are truly hungry ? Are you Catholic out of force or do you believe all that the Church teaches ? Has your soul been captured by the culture of the day which has caused you to take part of its conveniences, even though you know it runs counter to Catholic teaching ? Have you bought the nonsense of one has a public position and a private position on faith ?

I had a conversation with a great friend a few days ago regarding this topic. When I go on Catholic social media platforms, I communicated to her that I found Catholics on there who don’t even believe in the basics of the faith. So my first thought might be the same thought you might have, “why are they even bothering using a Catholic social media platform” ? It’s a fair question. I was wondering why they consider themselves Catholic at all. We can certainly attribute a lot of it to poor catechesis, but is it something deeper ? Let’s just take one topic – belief in the true presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist. Why is it that only 30 % of Catholics believe in the true presence ? It’s been suggested and I tend to agree that there might be something wrong with the Mass to which people have been exposed. We have the traditional Latin rite and then we have the Novus Ordo. Let’s be honest. Take a look at people receiving communion at a Novus Ordo and then compare it one who receives at a traditional Latin Mass. Which one to you more likely than not believes in the true presence of Our Lord ? Most of a person’s communication is in their body language. Gestures matter much more than one’s words. I was listening to a podcast and the gentleman speaking mentioned a communication with a non-Catholic. This non-Catholic stated, “I don’t believe what you believe, but if I did I’d be crawling on the ground to receive Our Lord”. Does that take place in the Novus Ordo ? Do people kneel before the Lord ? Where are the communion rails ? Has it served its people well ? Does it give the reverence the traditional Latin Mass gives ? Please understand. This is in no way an attack on the priests who celebrate the Novus Ordo or its faithful who attend. However, we can’t talk about how much we love and believe in what the Catholic Church teaches and do things that run antithesis to the teachings.

Let’s even look at what we read and podcasts and audios we use. I appreciate any contribution of any audio or book that adheres to the teachings of the faith. However, have we really taken advantage of the older writings of saints such as Saint Robert Bellarmine or others ? By the way, I’m talking to myself too guys. I’m still growing and learning. Tradition wins hands down. It’s not an accident that traditional Latin Mass parishes are growing. I’ve been a member of one for over a year. It’s been an eye opening experience. May we grow together, be showered with the prayers of Our Blessed Mother, and showered with the blessings of Our Lord. Dominus vobiscum.

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