The Mission

The People's Catholic makes it its mission to better familiarize Catholics as well as non-Catholics with the Catholic Church. In our Information Age, we are certainly exposed to a lot of great, helpful information. However, there is also a lot of confusing misinformation.  Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, I shall offer perspectives to help advance one's understanding. You'll find from time to time reading, audio, and public event recommendations to assist you in your growth.

The Beginning

At age 18, I began to ask a very straight forward, serious question: How can so many Christian faiths exists, be so different on scripture and history, but all claim to teach the truth ? I came from a Baptist home, but I began a journey that lead me to the Catholic Church. In Fall 1994 at NYU, I was enrolled in a class which had a discussion on the Protestant Reformation. At that time, I was already enrolled in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program . Although I knew I made the right decision, I did not know how to successfully defend the faith. I thank God for that experience because it was His way of saying "Don't just be Catholic,Chris. Know and understand why you do what you do. Be a cause and purpose Catholic". With the guidance of God and my sponsor, I began a journey over the years to read and listen. The Lord has certainly blessed me beyond belief.


I thank God Our Father first and foremost for His inspiration on this special journey. Thank you to my sponsor from many years ago, Father Gregory Keeler. I also want thank my friend from high school, Marek Dojs. Marek always shared his faith with excitement but never tried to convince me it was the right position. Also , I want to thank the multiple authors over the years who have molded my faith.