A Review of the Catholic Voter Guide

It is no wonder Catholics are so confused on how to vote. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has promoted a voters’ guide which quite frankly is substandard. It claims to back Catholic teaching and some parts of it are good. Most of it is based off a lot of links through organizations which support ideas which are only backed by bad economics. The Church teaches that we must within our communities support one another. Community is most certainly essential, but it never teaches we must use a government entity to do it. In fact, history indicates that when things run through a centralized government system, the results have never properly served society as a whole. When it comes to being pro-life, you absolutely CANNOT support any leader who supports abortion rights. So, great USCCB for getting that one right.

The Catholic Church recognizes a a concept called subsidiarity. The concept meaning that decisions should be made at the most local level. If you really think about it, if issues should run through a centralized government filter, it’s only a matter of time before your Catholic faith will have to get through that same filter. If that’s the case, will we get to practice as effectively as we should ? The Constitution does say there’s no promotion of any national religion. That being said, it could work against us. Liberty, brothers and sisters, is an idea that must be exercised responsibility. It is that liberty which has permitted us to share our faith, influence lives, and exercise reason while maintaining a spirit of community. Through Christ Our Lord, it is at the most local level we are able to solve problems. American leaders simply have a responsibility to protect those ideas. Dominus vobiscum.

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